naked planet Ambassadors

Lisa Nand

Lisa Nand is a broadcast journalist, writer, producer, director, and presenter who works in many fields such as radio presenting, news reading and reporting, travel writing, health writing and producing/presenting online films for the national press. Lisa is a current travel expert on national TV and radio and was the first ever female presenter on national radio talkSPORT. Lisa has also presented a solo music show on BBC radio networked across the south for over two years and has made regular appearances on TV and radio shows such as Loose Women, Sky News & BBC News to name a few.

As a director Lisa produced her first TV documentary “First Heartbeat” which was broadcasted on TLC throughout October 2015 then worldwide on Discovery Networks International throughout 2016.

Naked Planet is excited to be working with Lisa and think she’ll be a wonderful ambassador for the company.

Alec Watt

Alec is passionate about farming Seaweed, seaweed products and alternative aquaculture. He farms seaweed on ropes and floating nets for a variety of purposes, including production of sustainable healthy food, animal feed, medicinal extracts, bio char, bio plastics, fertiliser, clothing fibre, methane reduction and many other purposes, not forgetting carbon sequestering and kelp forest regeneration.

Alec is the Director Owner at Green Ocean Farming and Global Algae which have interests in deep ocean and offshore aquaculture, kelp forest regeneration, sea cucumbers and IMTA.
They also offer worldwide seaweed consultancy, working with businesses around the world from Africa, South America, the Caribbean and Europe.

Naked Planet shares a lot of Alec’s passion towards solving environmental issues and we look forward to working with him and his companies in the future.