2020: UK “Single-Use Plastics” Ban

In a bid to limit the current scale of plastic pollution, the UK has already introduced a ban, in England from 2020, on certain single-use plastic items such as plastic straws, drink stirrers and cotton buds


2020: EU “Single-Use Plastics” Directive

The European Union has now officially published its “Single-Use Plastics” Directive. This means that member states and consequently, all businesses and organisations within each member state, have from 2020 up to two years to implement the changes outlined within it. Also, despite BREXIT, the UK has pledged to honour the European Union “Single-Use Plastics” Directive


So, how will the UK’s “Single-Use Plastic” ban and the EU’s “Single-Use Plastics” Directive affect your business in 2020? Do you know what to replace? How long the replacement process will take? Where to source all of the products from? What the financial impact will be on your business or organisation? Are you able to spread compliance with both the ban and directive over a period of weeks, months or even years? Who will manage the delivery of this process?

Audit & Implementation

Naked Planet is happy to assist you in answering all of these questions and any others you might have. We will take the stress out of your compliance with the UK’s “Single-Use Plastic” ban and the EU’s “Single-Use Plastics” Directive

Our auditors will audit your business or organisation and provide you with a comprehensive report outlining what needs to be replaced with associated costs. Naked Planet will then be happy to source replacement products needed from our own product range to enable your compliance with both the UK’s “Single-Use Plastic” ban and the EU’s “Single-Use Plastics” Directive. We are also happy to manage the roll-out of the products across your business

Should the cost and/or disruption be too much for your company or organisation to shoulder in one go Naked Planet will create a strategic plan for the supply and roll-out of all necessary products over a period of time more suited to your business. If managing this process proves too onerous Naked Planet’s bespoke Project Managers are available to manage the roll-out across businesses and organisations taking the load-off owners and managers

Environmental Credentials Assurance

Many companies today profess to follow certain “Green Strategies and Policies” to bolster their “Green Credentials” in the hope of gaining future investment or to mitigate concerns their current investors might have about the companies effect on the environment. Currently, it is hard for large institutional investors and shareholders alike to be assured that the companies they are investing in are truly complying with their own stated “Green Credentials” or whether the company’s management are attempting to “Green Wash”, exaggerate, these credentials. Naked Planet’s auditors, who have experience of auditing corporate headquarters strategies and policies, will audit companies and provide a comprehensive report ideal for yearly shareholder meetings, outlining a companies performance against their environmental claims helping investors large and small hold companies to account for their eco-promises

Our Auditors

The auditors we use to undertake our “Green Audits” are of the highest possible quality as they are sourced from the Safety Assurance element of the aviation industry. These auditors bring the same exacting standards that see passenger carrying aircraft fly safely around the world to our “Green” Audits“. You can be 100% assured that the job will be completed first time, correctly and to the highest possible standard

Our Project Managers

The Project Managers we use to support the efficient and effective roll-out of all of the undertakes from our “Green Audits” are also of the highest possible quality as they are sourced from the specific companies that are used to dealing with major implementation projects. You can then be absolutely assured that your implementation will be delivered, barring unforeseen circumstances, on-time, correctly, highest possible standard and on budget!

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